Confessions of a sexist pig online

If the only thing he likes about you is your physical appearance, there’s a chance he isn’t into you (the person), he’s into you (the arm candy/cute person to tag in couple selfies).

Remember that time Bow Wow said he CREATED his girlfriend, Erica Mena? When your boyfriend gets nit-picky about your whole look, that’s some next level sexism. 3) He says “you’re not like other girls,” or he has a “crazy ex-girlfriend.” Let’s just make a list of pejorative terms used to undermine the legitimate behaviors and actions of women and have a big, collective NOPE.

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Yes, this mostly affects girls who date boys, because more women than men identify as feminist, but definitely affects all of us because internalized misogyny is a thing, y’all.

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This goes back to constantly comparing to other women.

If he’s shocked and surprised that you defy typical gender norms and uses words like ‘crazy’ to describe his ex, that’s a red flag – especially if that’s the only detail he gives about why his last relationship didn’t work out. Put your hand over your heart and repeat after me: women do not need to be tricked, cajoled, insulted, bribed, or manipulated in order to gain her sexual consent, phone number, or date.

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