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Read The Future of Workplace Strategy (requires login) Pussyhats, and T-shirts with feminist catchphrases have in recent years been a part of the street scene in the US, and the Western public in general, and more and more people are wearing their activist messages on their clothes.We examine how political fashion has become ammunition in the identitypolitical tribal war that has erupted across the West.The conference is aimed at leaders and experts in digital transformation, HR, organisational strategy, innovation, R&D, and foresight.

The only barrier against this major breakthrough, he says, is if we lock ourselves into a so-called ‘pro-ageing trance’, where we accept ageing as a natural part of life.Internship positions are available in all four of our research units: CIFS has collaborated with engineering and electronics firm Brüel & Kjær to develop three reports that look at key trends in future product development, with a focus on sound and vibration.The reports are the results of a larger, ongoing project that looks at how new technology and changing value sets and business models change product design across sectors and how organisations must adapt to these changes.Read Working in the Age of Hyper-Agility (requires login) This issue looks at singularity investments, a new treatment for HIV, “digiceuticals”, ambulance drones, a post-West international order, UAE in the race to conquer mars, the first Chinese digital currency and much more…Upcoming Event Be inspired by the best when CIFS, Roskilde Festival and the Danish Cancer Society present an exciting seminar backstage at this year's festival. For registration or questions, contact Anne Dencker Bædkel, 45 20 64 98 18 // [email protected] more Towards the year 2100, 75 percent of the world’s population growth will occur in Africa.

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