Dating dealbreakers article

They’re going to assume that you get bored easily, or can’t keep a job, or don’t know how to identify the right fit for yourself.

So when I heard about magnetic lashes from One Two Lash, even though they were , it made more sense to me — they’re reusable, come with two applications, and there’s no glue involved, which was always where things went wonky for me in the past.Or, you could write this one off and commit to staying at your job that long — but you’d want to be really, really sure of what you were getting into, because if you end up wanting to leave that one too, you’re going to make the problem that much worse.But you’ve got to get some long-term stays in there to repair your work history.And it also consigns you to worse and worse employers (the ones who will be willing to hire you are the less desirable employers who can’t keep other people on board either and who are resigned to a lot of turnover) and worse and worse jobs (interesting, desirable jobs have lots of people applying for them, and employers will rarely hire someone with a spotty work history when they have loads of qualified candidates with more stable histories).If at all possible, I’d commit to sticking it out where you are for two years.

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