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But his favorite thing was to get plowed without lube.The more something hurt the better he liked it and the more he desired me.My parents never even realized that it was missing. And I guess I'm just not cool enough to casually refer to it as "G".The worst thing was that he'd been fucking me all summer, bareback. I love how the druggies think we're retarded for not knowing their lingo, especially about some drug that peaked in popularity about 2 decades ago.

He was a grad student and we used to meet in his tiny room -- we kissed and made out and he warned me that he was big. 8-9 inches long and the widest one I have ever seen, it was massive. What was incongruous was that the guy was pretty thin.

I wondered later if the hugeness of his penis, the number of people that had either refused to have sex with him because of it, or who ONLY wanted to have sex with him because of it, caused him to be detached and indifferent to it, and actually increased his masochism somehow.

Well, OP asked for your first experience, so I shared.

Tell us about your first experience with a cock that was massive (if you've had such an experience). I apparently rolled over in the middle of the night and my arm touched him. He snuggled up against me (his back was to me), so I knew that was the sign that it was okay with him.

We were in a band together, and on tour we ended up in the same bed in some hotel (with two other guys in the other bed).

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