Girl forgets to turn off camera sexy

This song’s sexiness lies in its romanticism, and it also captures the innocence of the time perfectly.—Mark Lore 48.

“66,” Afghan Whigs (1998) An alt-rock heartthrob with none of the crippling angst or intense introversions—and therefore with none of the inhibitions—of his whiny ‘90s peers, Greg Dulli blurs the lines between seducer and seduced, between desirer and desired, and (of course) between dominant and submissive on this standout from the Afghan Whigs’ swan song 1965.

“Stir It Up,” Bob Marley (1973) As a divine mouthpiece for Jah, Bob Marleywas all about spreading the tenets of Rastafarianism to as many people as possible.

He was also about spreading the love, both literally—he had at least 10 children with a number of a different women—and through his songs.

Guitar ripples over glassy water like stones tossed from two lovers’ canoe.

It’s all organic, coasting with whistles, quiet strings and swirling wind.

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