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Attractive hermaphrodites that want you to understand them and admire them for who they are.

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You would need access to open water, and tons of money to get started. There is someone here who has got them to spawn through injecting them, but has not had any success at raisng them.

If I could, I'd definetly sell these teardrops for like 80 each... Great thought, but it is not going to happen in your tank, or home setup.

Thirdly, zooxanthellae innoculation: As mentioned, this usually involves taking mantle tissue and blending it before centrifuging the zoox which are then used to seed the juvenile clams.

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Avoid those generic dating sites that can't cater to your specific needs. It may be a passion, life style, deviation, or affliction.

Create Your Personal Profile and Enjoy Instant Access to Local Singles Who Just Happen to Have Both Gender Identities.

Come experience the UK's #1 hermaphrodite community.

The Hermaphrodite dating community is your place to just be yourself and to comfortably connect, share and grow with others who accept you for who you are. Our mission is to unite you with a dating community sharing your kwink.

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