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For a one time ride with in the bus and at the metro stations you can buy a ticket with the driver. Read more about the chip travel card: Public Transport in Amsterdam.

Click here for Tram & Metro maps of Amsterdam 2018. The city is divided into different sections that have different fees.

In this article you will find a list of prices of drinks and food in Amsterdam in 2017. The more centrical the location, the more expansive.

The best and best value for money food and drinks in Amsterdam are not in the centre of the city, but in the other Amsterdam neighbourhoods.

Tips are shared with the entire staff (also kitchen staff). It’s common to round up the number or give 5 – 10%.

It’s best not to leave the tip at the table when you leave.

A beer on a nice terrace will cost no more than €2,70, but the price of a glass of wine is at least €4,50.

But it is is common to tip in Holland, especially if the service was friendly and the food was good.Pilsener tab/draft beer (25 cl) €2,50 – 3,00 Special beer tap or bottle € 3,50 – 5,50 Beer pint (0,5 l.): € 6,50 Glass of wine: € 4,75 Coke/sprite/mineral water: € 2,50 Espresso/Coffee/tea: € 2,20 Latte / cappuccino: € 2,50 – 2,75 Bottle of mineral water € 2,50 Fresh orange juice € 3,50 Apple pie € 4,75 Bread roll with cheese € 4,50 Bread roll ‘healthy’ (‘broodje gezond’, ham cheese, lettuce, tomato) € 5,00 Soup € 5,50 Pancake € 6,00 Pizza Margarita €9,00 Caesar Salade € 12,50 Need more comparison?Check out the Burger King prices in The Netherlands.A main course can be €10 (very cheap), €15 (cheap) to €25 (normal) or €30 (high end).Look at this article on cheap restaurants in Amsterdam.

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