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The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) is always at the top of the charts – he’s an R&B phenomenon.He dated supermodel Bella Hadid for a long time, and most recently Selena Gomez.But Selena left him and went back to Justin Bieber not long ago.He was seen in the company of Bella several times and observers expected them to spend the holidays together, but nothing happened.The last time we saw the tragic Corey Haim – he was smoking outside one of those celebrity autograph shows and he told the photographers – both pros and amateurs – crowded around him, that for he’d go to their hotel room and pose for them privately.Above: Corey and his wife Courtney Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Apparently the idea of three pregnant Kardashians pretending NOT to want publicity was more than Paris Hilton could tolerate. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Brittany Martinez (Season 16), Victor Arroyo (Season 18), Gina-Marie Zimmerman (Season 15), Audrey Middleton (Season 17), and Ashley Iocco (Season 14) are rumored to be returning. Les Moonves hated that Audrey retreated to her bed and refused to make TV so I'm surprised to see anyone from CBS utter her name. I assumed the returning Britney was the loudmouth blonde with the burned down house and sick baby. I've never seen this long compilation of the Frankie/Zach romance and I'm a fan of the show and have the 24 hour feed. Watch this whole thing, it is erotic, especially when Zach says Frankie can fuck him.

Why would anyone want to see the other Britney back on BB?She’s assuring concerned friends “it’s no big deal,” and isn’t taking the situation seriously, but they know it IS serious.It’s not a minor infraction (0) and could be worse if she’s ever stolen before. The movie covers the time period in winter of 1968, when 47 year old Judy was preparing for her final concerts in London.The movie deals with her relationships – both good and bad- at the time.Hopefully Renee will have a long chat with Lorna Luft, Judy’s younger daughter, who wrote in great detail about that time period in her fascinating book Even a music powerhouse can end up alone for the holidays.

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