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The best part of the phone is that anybody investing in these phones for longer term will be able to use it even on 4G along 3G which is already supported.The phone has 8GB of memory with SD card support which will excite the younger generation.If you haven’t noticed till now, the phone also skips the hardware button and instead it has on-screen buttons for Windows Key, Search and Back.

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Not only the phone is the first dual SIM but it will also have the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update installed in the phone except for the Cortana which is rolling out on country basis.

Siri commercials, they do take digs at Apple’s virtual assistant.

The first video is titled ‘Breaking up’ and features a close-up for a man talking about the hardship of a breakup until he met someone who changed his life.

Using the phone for a while reminds of the Lumia 520 and the 525 and partly of 620 because of the curvy nature of the phone on the sides.

The phone also holds similarity with the Nokia X counter part as it is pretty slim in nature.

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