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Jon Voigt, the Oscar winning actor, star of such diverse movies as “Deliverance”, “The Champ” and “Anaconda”, made his way down to the stable. Continue reading SERENA and VENUS WILLIAMS with a DOG Serena stepped from the shower, hot water forming rivulets on her toned muscular body, her dark chocolate brown skin shining.She took a white towell from the rail and dried her firm young …Well i informed her if we owned a dog from a pup and …Continue reading Fic Title: Den Of The Werewolf Author: Andrew Troy Keller Email:[email protected]: Nicole Eggert/m Rating: NC-17 Summary: After the hit series BAYWATCH was canceled and she has no idea on what to do next, Nicole Eggert goes to a log cabin within the outskirts of her …Married life: The 24-year-old, who is actually staging the wedding as her thesis project for her master's degree, explained said that, 'The fantasy behind it can never be achieved.

I honestly don’t mean to cause any offense to the participants. Continue reading FBeasts/oral/bukkake/mast Tara Reid This is a work of fantasy, I do not believe it has ever happened in real life and I don’t expect it to. In no way reflects the thoughts or actions of any person portrayed there in.

Soon after she had gained her fame from topless modelling they had devised a game, a test of her loyalty to him, and of her subserviance. Continue reading NATASHA HENSTRIDGE and a HORSE Natasha Henstridge, the beautiful blonde Canadian actress who starred in the movie “Species” and stunned the cinema world with her magnificent body, sat astride the huge horse and looked into camera, a big smile on …

Continue reading SAMANTHA FOX – English model and singer, and HORSE For a few years in the early to mid eighties, the world was on a plate for London based blonde Samantha Fox.

I don’t know the celebrities depicted in this story, but …

Continue reading Title: Family Connection: Roberts Style!

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