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More information: Logical attributes Only attributes from an immediate parent entity can be used in a calculated attribute.

Saved queries, charts, and visualizations can have a maximum of 10 unique calculated attributes.

If you want to trigger the creation of a new Mass Calculated Rollup Fields job programmatically, retrieve the Attribute Metadata for the rollup attribute using Retrieve Attribute Request and use Update Attribute Request to update the attribute without making any actual changes.

The Mass Calculated Rollup Fields job will occur immediately when a solution containing a rollup attribute is imported.

Calculated attributes can reference other calculated attributes in their formula, but they can’t reference themselves.

Calculated attributes don’t have values when a user with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook is offline.

One or more of these conditions may be true for any calculated or rollup field.

Because this is a bitmask value, you may find it useful to use the Source Type Masks enumeration when performing bitwise operations.

Rollup attributes can’t be used as a workflow event or wait condition.

Rollup attribute values are calculated asynchronously by scheduled system jobs. When a rollup attribute is created or updated a Mass Calculated Rollup Fields job is scheduled to run in 12 hours.

Administrators set when a job is run or pause the job. The 12-hour delay is intended to perform this resource intensive operation during a time that will affect users the least.

The only supported way to change this value is through the application formula editor.

For information about configuring the formulas for these attributes see the following topics in the customization guide: Define rollup fields and Define calculated fields.

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