Reentering the dating scene after divorce

To help you get started rebuilding your life after divorce, we have put together our top 10 tips to starting over: 1.

ESTABLISH WHAT YOUR LIFE GOALS ARE If you have always had lifelong goals that perhaps the nature of your marriage did not allow you to fulfill, then now is the time to explore those options.

* has been recognized as an exemplary Christian book by the 2013 Illumination Book Awards.

Divorce certainly brings challenges, yet any life change brings the opportunity to start afresh.

You may have friends who have previously gone through a divorce, understand what you are going through and have helpful advice that you could benefit from.

The bottom line is: do not be afraid to ask for help. HOW TO START A NEW CAREER AFTER DIVORCE Starting a new career after a divorce is a great way of starting over.

The first few months of divorce can be a bit of a blur.

Once we leave education, it becomes harder to meet people as our social circles become smaller.

It might be 20 minutes a day working towards your goal and figuring out how to achieve them, or it could be setting aside a day a week.

Just make sure you make a plan for yourself and stick to your aims for each moment you set apart to work on your goals.

Now is the time for a heart-to-heart talk with yourself.

Pray for insight before answering the reality check questions below. Ponder this reading and share your thoughts with God.

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